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"Captain America": Behind the Scenes.

Sebastian’s face, lol :DD

The Avengers (2012)

Who the hell is Bucky?

He was trying to save me. From me. And I destroyed him for it.

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Claire Danes for Variety's Power of Women Issue
photographed by Yu Tsai

“All that I was looking for were examples of people carrying out missions, the idea behind it. There’s almost like a mythology to the whole system, with spies and the way they live and how they don’t rat on one another. They don’t survive. A lot of those people did not survive in the Cold War. It was like, you better not care about death, because you’re probably going to die. There were different aspects. That kind of fearlessness was something that was interesting to me. I read this book called On Killing, which is about the desensitizing a human being through the military program, how does one go to that point where you can just pick up a gun and shoot somebody and not feel anything. What is that? Those were all things I thought I should look up, in knowing the character.”

"I also heard you delved into a lot of Cold War research to get into the mentality of this guy. What kinds of things did you take away from those documentaries about what kind of a mindset he should have?" from MovieWeb (via seba-stan)

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